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Thread: Formatting a drive for NTFS without WinXP etc..etc..

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    Formatting a drive for NTFS without WinXP etc..etc..

    Quick question for you all..

    Wanted to format/reinstall WinXP (home or pro I have both) but have run into alot of problems. I cleared the existing partitions (2) and created a new single 75GB partition using the WinXP Pro CD, and then proceeded to format the partition for NTFS preparing for install. Of course, it hangs and restarts during format, and I can't get anywhere.

    I was wondering if anyone is aware of software that I could boot from CD that would allow me to format my drive NTFS, and THEN proceed to attempt the WinXP install..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Formatting a drive for NTFS without WinXP etc..etc..

    If you can get yourself to a linux box you can do it with the fdisk command.

    CentOS 5.1's fdisk version supports the following FS types:

     0  Empty           1e  Hidden W95 FAT1 80  Old Minix       be  Solaris boot
     1  FAT12           24  NEC DOS         81  Minix / old Lin bf  Solaris
     2  XENIX root      39  Plan 9          82  Linux swap / So c1  DRDOS/sec (FAT-
     3  XENIX usr       3c  PartitionMagic  83  Linux           c4  DRDOS/sec (FAT-
     4  FAT16 <32M      40  Venix 80286     84  OS/2 hidden C:  c6  DRDOS/sec (FAT-
     5  Extended        41  PPC PReP Boot   85  Linux extended  c7  Syrinx
     6  FAT16           42  SFS             86  NTFS volume set da  Non-FS data
     7  HPFS/NTFS       4d  QNX4.x          87  NTFS volume set db  CP/M / CTOS / .
     8  AIX             4e  QNX4.x 2nd part 88  Linux plaintext de  Dell Utility
     9  AIX bootable    4f  QNX4.x 3rd part 8e  Linux LVM       df  BootIt
     a  OS/2 Boot Manag 50  OnTrack DM      93  Amoeba          e1  DOS access
     b  W95 FAT32       51  OnTrack DM6 Aux 94  Amoeba BBT      e3  DOS R/O
     c  W95 FAT32 (LBA) 52  CP/M            9f  BSD/OS          e4  SpeedStor
     e  W95 FAT16 (LBA) 53  OnTrack DM6 Aux a0  IBM Thinkpad hi eb  BeOS fs
     f  W95 Ext'd (LBA) 54  OnTrackDM6      a5  FreeBSD         ee  EFI GPT
    10  OPUS            55  EZ-Drive        a6  OpenBSD         ef  EFI (FAT-12/16/
    11  Hidden FAT12    56  Golden Bow      a7  NeXTSTEP        f0  Linux/PA-RISC b
    12  Compaq diagnost 5c  Priam Edisk     a8  Darwin UFS      f1  SpeedStor
    14  Hidden FAT16 <3 61  SpeedStor       a9  NetBSD          f4  SpeedStor
    16  Hidden FAT16    63  GNU HURD or Sys ab  Darwin boot     f2  DOS secondary
    17  Hidden HPFS/NTF 64  Novell Netware  b7  BSDI fs         fd  Linux raid auto
    18  AST SmartSleep  65  Novell Netware  b8  BSDI swap       fe  LANstep
    1b  Hidden W95 FAT3 70  DiskSecure Mult bb  Boot Wizard hid ff  BBT
    1c  Hidden W95 FAT3 75  PC/IX
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    Re: Formatting a drive for NTFS without WinXP etc..etc..

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    Re: Formatting a drive for NTFS without WinXP etc..etc..

    I can see two options to solve the problem:

    1.) Try booting to command prompt and format it using the 'format' command.
    2.) Connect that hard disk of your as a secondary drive to another computer and format it from there.

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    Re: Formatting a drive for NTFS without WinXP etc..etc..

    go into your bios and double-check your drive settings. turn off ultra-dma, etc. Basically run the drive in safe mode. You might be able to format it then. It will take longer but it will probably work.

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    Smile Re: Formatting a drive for NTFS without WinXP etc..etc..

    Good Day!
    Speaking about me, I have a program, called Acronis PartitionManager, that boots directly from the CD. I set up my BIOS to boot from the CD-ROM, then I restart my computer and boot from the CD with this application. It starts a standard Windows XP user interface,where I can format the disk drives in NTFS and FAT32. The application also supports Linux EXT3 file systems and Linux SWAP.

    I remember that there was such an application, like PowerQuest PartitionMagic. When installing this program, the setup engine asks if the user wishes to create some rescue diskettes for PartitionMagic. If selected the option to create these diskettes, the setup engine writes the PartitionMagic application to these diskettes, inserted consecutively in the floppy drive. Then, if the user restarts the computer and sets the BIOS to boot from 3.5'' FLOPPY, the boot engine starts the DOS shell, and then switches to a classic Windows user interface with PartitionMagic running. The only issue with that application was that when I formatted the secondary hard disk in the NTFS file system, when loading Windows XP, it always started the CheckDisk process on that drive, so I think, the NTFS version that was written to the disk was an older one.
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    Re: Formatting a drive for NTFS without WinXP etc..etc..

    you can use the convert.exe command-line program to convert older ntfs to version 5. It also converts fat. But the target has to be ntfs.

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    Re: Formatting a drive for NTFS without WinXP etc..etc..

    Download an image for either GPartEd live CD or a Linux Live CD (GPartEd is included in most Linux distros). You don't need a working hard drive to boot wither one.

    GPartEd will partition a drive and format ntfs partitions.
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