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Thread: Reading text output of a DOS console (Ms-Dos ProgramRun Prev in Windows Environement)

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    Reading text output of a DOS console (Ms-Dos ProgramRun Prev in Windows Environement)

    Reading text output of a DOS console (Ms-Dos Program Run Prev in Windows Environement):

    Well, here we are examining whether it is possible to obtain the console handle of a ms-dos previously run:



    If any know if is possible obtain a Console Handle and Capture the Screen Buffer of a Ms-Dos program already run, with this code, for example???:

    fsuccess = GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(hConsoleOut, csScreenBuffer)' (This is the Important Code, appear to be that with hConsoleOut is Possible retrieve the Buffer)
    'non-zero result is a success
    ConsoleBoundary = csScreenBuffer.srWindow
    Dim lineMessage As String * 80
    readLength = 80
    XPos = 0
    YPos = 0
    Text1.Text = ""
    For YPos = 0 To ConsoleBoundary.Bottom
    def = ReadConsoleOutputCharacter(hConsoleOut, lineMessage, readLength, YPos * 65536, vbNull)
    If Trim(lineMessage) <> "" Then
    Text1.Text = Text1.Text & Trim(lineMessage) & vbCrLf
    End If
    Next YPos

    Appear to be the problem is retrieve the Console Handle of a Ms-Dos program that exist previously...

    Is possible your contribution to this interesting problem???

    Sorry for nuisances and thanks in advance!!!

    Good day...

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    Re: Reading text output of a DOS console (Ms-Dos ProgramRun Prev in Windows Environement)

    Thread Moved

    Did you check Joacim's FAQ on it?

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