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    Hey guys, im really stuck at the moment with visual basic and really could do with some help.

    I want to make an altimeter for an aircraft display such at this: http://www.flightsim.com/howto/glass...nway_small.gif . The altimeter is the vertical bar on the right. I want to make a program which displays values I have stored in a .asc file, nothing will be in real time, the values have been outputted from a simulator already. How do I start, I have read a couple books on vb already, but nothing seems relevant at all to what I am supposed to be doing.

    Thanks in advanced

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    Re: Altimeter

    The control that would go nearly to that is Slider Control. Its not a graphical control, but gives what you need.


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    Re: Altimeter

    Do you want to make something to playback flights?

    Slider can be used, except that with the altimeter pictured by g33n13 the thing scrolls much more than the control's height.
    It basically is a very long tape that moves behind a smaller window.

    There are a couple of things you should do.

    First, build a control to display an altitude value.
    (and do the same for the other instruments)
    Central to this is converting a real value to a display value, based on the tape's scale and the altitude offset.
    It is fairly simple math, draw it on paper and see if you can figure it out.

    Having done that you need to load your data into memory.
    How to do this depends on how the datafile is formatted.
    The datastructure in memory should be an array of a suitable datatype.
    It should be sorted by time but I suppose the datafile already is.

    Now that you have the data and the display ready you must send the data to the display.
    This is a simple matter of seelcting the right element from the array and then sending the right field from the UDt to the right display control.

    To determine which element to pick you must determine which moment in time you want to display.
    Then you pick the element closest to it.
    Now you need to write code that advances time in a loop until the entire array is processed.

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