Something I see a lot of complaints about is the size of the Framework download. For people like me who work on Enterprise type of applications, it's not a big deal, our clients are used to such things. But I hear this complaint mostly from hobby developers, or those who are writing Free/Shareware. They feel put out by asking their prospective users to also download this huge framework install, in addition to their "400k" app.

Has there been any thought by anyone to have the ability to introduce a "FrameWork Light" or FW Express? I know there's a Framework CE for mobiles, but it's my understanding that it will not run a Windows desktop app. Despite .NET being available for sometime now, that seems to be the #1 reason some people actively refuse to upgrade their skills, knowledge and apps to .NET.

I'm not even sure this is something that can be answered in this forum, but I figured I'd at least throw it out there and see what sticks.