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    MS Access - AutoSelect Listbox item

    I must be getting rusty.....

    I have 2 listboxes,

    1 Accounts
    1 Reasons

    after selecting an account it loads the reasons... I want the first row of reasons auto selected so the listindex is set

    I tried

    lstReason.ListIndex = 0

    which works, but the the lstAccounts does not keep the line selected to show you the account you chose.

    so I tried

    lstReason.Selected(0) = True

    while this also does work... it seems to goof up after a few account selecttions!?? it "locks" into the lstAccounts... so you cant click into one of the textboxes... seems to re-trigger the lstAccounts_Click event if I click anywhere else. So then, if i hit a key... it jumps in the lstAccounts then they unlock again.


    EDIT: ok to make things even more confusing - it seems that it is dependant on what data is in the lstReason??????????
    ones that have EXP_PLAN break... ones with NO_RPLAN are fine?
    I AM LOST.... how can data effect the actual control?
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