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    Database Manager

    Hello all, I'm in search of a VB6 Programmer that can assist my Team, with a Database we are a indie Game development team, we currently have 7 team members all involved in something differnt, we do have a person to write the Database but I need someone with knowledge of Games and can learn a system really fast, we need to send all the Account stuff into the MySQL Database so it can be stored there insted of in the server. Please we really need help.
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    Re: Database Manager

    You just need a "save data to MySQL database" function? That's trivial enough, maybe even a single line of code, depending on the data to be saved.
    The most difficult part of developing a program is understanding the problem.
    The second most difficult part is deciding how you're going to solve the problem.
    Actually writing the program (translating your solution into some computer language) is the easiest part.

    Please indent your code and use [HIGHLIGHT="VB"] [/HIGHLIGHT] tags around it to make it easier to read.

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