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    Contest 7 - Arcarde

    Programming Contest – Arcade

    For all those who havent participated in the contest please read Here

    Ok everyone its about time we had another contest! The contest will be based around Arcade Games. (Pong/Pac-Man/Donkey Kong etc etc) All we want you to do is to create a simple to use arcade style game

    Wikipedia definition - Arcade games often have very short levels, simple, easy to grasp controllers, iconic characters, and rapidly increasing difficulty. They are designed as quick bursts of adrenaline-fueled thrills, as opposed to most console games, which feature more in-depth gameplay, and stronger storylines

    Vb6 Vb.Net and C#.Net

    2nd December 2007

    The rules are simple,
    • It must be a 2d game with a Arcade feel
    • It must be done in windowed mode (So if you are using DX then please don’t use full screen)

    We are not going to impose too many strict rules we want to see peoples creative sides as well as intuitive programming methods.


    Each entry will be judged on the following things.
    • Gameplay - How enjoyable was it to play, easy to use? Is it easy to use and learn?
    • Creativity - A twist on an old idea prehaps? Or a new Idea?
    • Graphics/Sound - A small percentage of the mark will be made on these
    • Programming Technique and Methods

    We will be offering a custom name tag for you to show off to the forum. And there may just be a few other surprise prizes!

    Useful Links
    Games And Graphics Guides
    Games And Graphics Forum

    Please submit all entry's to the forum below with the title in the following format "Contest 7, Arcade Game - [User Name]"
    Contest Entries Forum
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