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Thread: Need to complete String & File Manipulation tasks for $65

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    Exclamation Need to complete String & File Manipulation tasks for $65

    Thanks for reading this post.

    I am look for someone who can work for me right now! I need some one who wants to make $65USD by just helping me with a already started 80% complete Visual Basic 6 program.

    This is programmed Visual Basic 6 and I've started on the program already and I need someone to do some String searching and some File manipulations. These will all be small 10 minute tasks for experienced VB6 programmers.

    I will have 6 objectives that I will pay for at rate of $10 and would like to get them all completed really soon. + Bonus $5USD

    For an example of an objective would be to provide a function that would be something to this:

    text = Search(text, "hey")
    if text = "hey" then
    newvar = "this is a new text verifying that I found 'hey' inside the above variable.
    end if

    I need these done tonight.

    I can pay through paypal please be able to go onto chat MSN or GMAIL or Yahoo, or SKype, anything

    I got $65USD right now to pay you!

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    Re: Need to complete String & File Manipulation tasks for $65

    If InStr(text, "hey") > 0 Then
    End If
    The most difficult part of developing a program is understanding the problem.
    The second most difficult part is deciding how you're going to solve the problem.
    Actually writing the program (translating your solution into some computer language) is the easiest part.

    Please indent your code and use [HIGHLIGHT="VB"] [/HIGHLIGHT] tags around it to make it easier to read.

    Please Help Us To Save Ana

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    Re: Need to complete String & File Manipulation tasks for $65

    Al, did you get paid? lol..
    If ive helped, RATE my post.

    If your thread is solved, and you got your answer, mark this thread Resolved.

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