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Thread: Variable not getting a value

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    Variable not getting a value

    *Sorry if my first post didn't follow the forum rules, while waiting for answers i read the faq's, forum rules and realized what I did.

    Now to my question, I have 2 loops where the counters are set to similar variable(e.g ctr=var1, ctr2=var1) but the inner loops doesn't seem to get the value I want it to get. Here is the code of the 2 loops:
    For ctr = root To 0 Step -1
        For ctr2 = root To 0 Step -1
                lchild = (2 * ctr2) + 1
                rchild = (2 * ctr2) + 2
                If lchild <= upbound And rchild <= upbound Then
                    If arr(rchild) >= arr(lchild) Then
                        mchild = rchild
                        mchild = lchild
                    End If
                    If rchild > upbound Then
                        mchild = lchild
                        mchild = rchild
                    End If
                End If
                If arr(ctr2) < arr(mchild) Then
                    temp = arr(ctr2)
                    arr(ctr2) = arr(mchild)
                    arr(mchild) = temp
                End If
        Next ctr2
    Next ctr
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Variable not getting a value

    Quote Originally Posted by znerol
    ...but the inner loops doesn't seem to get the value I want it to get...
    What did you get and what were you expecting? Could you be a bit more explicit?
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    Re: Variable not getting a value

    What is the value of root?
    Make the first line of the inner loop a breakpoint. What values do ctr and ctr2 get?

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