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    Capture DOS Application output


    since i was looking for a function that copy the dos screen into a vb Var and haven't found one, I gatherd some solutions into one file and made a demonstration how to Capture and copy the DOS app screen for future use.

    the example can locate a window just be it Caption, focus on it and then with the built in dos-app options the program send Keyboard Strokes to simulate the next sequence. "Right click on the window caption. click on Edit and then click on MARK. hold Shift and go 81 times right and 28 times down. Right click on the window caption. click on Edit and on Copy" windows will copy the marked area to the clipboard.
    I also wrote a sub to copy the screen output to a string array. every cell is a whole line from the DOS screen.

    you can use this demonstration also to "push" text into a DOS application, just take a look at the Moudle file and it's functions.

    and this for google, to help others find this

    Capture screen
    Capture output
    Capture Dos screen
    Capture Dos output
    Mark Copy Paste
    Extrace Dos screen
    Extrace Dos Output
    Extrace Dos App screen
    Extrace Dos App Output
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    Re: Capture DOS Application output


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    Re: Capture DOS Application output

    wow.. thanks man....

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    Re: Capture DOS Application output

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