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    SignMe Signature

    Sign it here [Link removed — Mod]

    [Link removed — Mod]

    •Easy to use sign.php with automated preview.
    •AdminCp(No "password" isn't my password) Change password on line 5.
    •Background image(size based on this)
    •Easy to use smiley system
    •Word Filter
    •Doesn't use mysql(was gonna but don't know mysql, and makes it easier to edit).

    ->->Edit: Select line and edit in textbox below then click "Edit" to edit line.
    ->->Delete: Select line and click "Delete" to remove that entry.
    ->->Reset: Deletes all entries.
    ->->Ban: Bans selected entry(bans ip and deletes all entries by them).
    ->->Up/Down: Choose whether people can sign(up) or not(down).
    ->->Unban: Unban selected ip.

    Smiley system:
    Add smiley to smilies folder with what you want to activate it like =D with the extension of the image(png,jpg,gif supported by default).
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