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    Cannot create activex component

    Can not create activex component


    hi friends,

    i have an activex control made on VB 6.0.
    i am using this component in a ASP .net
    i have add the reference of the NDEMO.OCX file of VB
    in my web applicationwhich in turn becomes
    Interop.NDEMO.dll in ASP.net .
    all this works fine when i run this program on VS .NET
    development server.But when i run this on local host on IIS
    than it gives an error on line as

    Server Error: Can not create ActiveX Component ,on code line

    -> newobj=createobject("NDEMO.NGDEMO")

    Any body Can please give idea to resolve this out.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Cannot create activex component

    Why do that? Since you're using Interop, you should have a reference to it. So simply declare the object as you would any other

    NDemo.NgDemo nd = new NDemo.NgDemo();

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