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    Question Access Form Help

    Howdy all,

    I have an MS Access 2003 project using VBA, and actually have a couple of questions.

    First, I'm working on consolidating four separate forms into a single form to reduce redundancies and make maintenance easier (I'm sick of having to make the same changes four times over! hehehe). I'd like that form to be able to display or not display a certain group of fields based on whether or not one box is checked. I'm thinking it's as simple as putting an event handler on the check box that makes these fields visible if the box is checked, but I want to make sure I'm on the right track.

    For my second question, you'll need a little background info. I have the following fields in the form (and the corresponding table):


    The form is currently set up to track one of each field. Problem is, the data is such that there frequently is more than one of each of those fields, or multiples of PhoneNumber and OrderNumber attached to a single TicketNumber, or multiples of TicketNumber attached to a single PhoneNumber. What is the simplest, most user-friendly way to capture this kind of data? I'm leaning toward a tree view, but having never done one before, I'm fumbling around in the dark at best.

    Help? Pweeze??

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    Re: Access Form Help

    For part two.

    You select Ticket Number and all phone and order numbers associated with that Ticketnumber are to be displayed, is this correct?

    If so, I would think a good fashion Listbox would be easier for this task than a treeview.
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    Re: Access Form Help

    Hey Hack Thanks for responding to me.

    The listbox idea would work, except that first, I need the user to actually enter the data. So I need them to be able to create a new record, and in that record enter all related PhoneNumbers, OrderNumbers, and potentially, TicketNumbers. Thus, I was leaning toward the treeview with a bunch of blank text fields so the user would have the option of multiple entries.

    If you've got an easier way to solve this one, I'm all ears!

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