I have created a 3D engine in VB6 using DirectX8. I made a post at vbGore that has some screenshots if you want to check it out, but remember that was over a month ago. (http://www.vbgore.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1950) Please note that the website is not working and I will try to get it up soon, but I have been busy making a game with the engine (called "Final Fantasy Tactics Online", guess what it's about?) if anyone would like to see screenshots of it I can give them, but this is mainly about the engine.

The engine is free and open-source for now. Features I have added since those screenshots include: MD2 model loading, 3DS model loading, my own custom model format, Dijkstra pathfinding, resource file extracter, proper billboard rotations, and some bug fixes. Also note that all this stuff I am mentioning is in the beta version, which I am still working on. I will attach the alpha version which does not have as many graphical enhancements, but it will allow you to check it out until the beta (which will be ready soon I hope).

Any feedback would be appreciated, and of course any feature suggestions are also appreciated.

(Apparently 1mb is too large to attach at this forum so here is another link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KQ6YDH8D)