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    Paste VBCode

    Add-In: Paste HIGHLIGHT-tagged code

    Title: Paste VBCode

    Description: As you may be aware when you try to copy and then paste VB code which has been displayed in the forums using [highlight=VB] tags, the result is a single run-on line. A partial solution to that problem is to paste the code into WordPad (not NotePad) and then copy again from there, but while that gives separate lines, all indentation is lost. This Add-In provides a complete solution. After copying the highlight-tagged code you want to use, all you need to do is the press the "paste" button that will have been added to your IDE toolbars and the code will be pasted into an open code window. The Add-in uses Word (which must be on your PC) in the background to remove the numbering while maintaining line integrity and indenting. Read the HowTo.txt file included in the zip for creation and usage instructions.

    For similar code in a regular application see this.

    Feature list:
    As described above

    Known Problems:

    Screen-shots: The following shows the button added by the Add-In

    Author Name: Martin Liss
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