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Thread: Classic VB - What does this error mean, and how do I fix it?

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    Classic VB - What does this error mean, and how do I fix it?

    The following is a list of Classic VB errors that often appear on the forums, along with an explanation of what the errors mean and suggestions for how to solve them.

    If the error message contains a Help button, it may well provide a good clear explanation of how to fix the problem (if it does, the following list is unlikely to contain that error!). If you have problems seeing the help (unfortunately it does go wrong sometimes) an online version for run-time errors can currently be found here.

    Before we get to the list, please note that it is for VB errors, if you get an error on a line code of code which interacts with other software (such as a database, or an Office program) then the error may not be covered here, or the suggested solutions may not be appropriate. If this is the case, please see the advice which follows the list.

    Compile Errors

    Run-time errors (some may also occur as Compile errors!)

    Something not listed here?   Suggestions didn't help?
    If your problem wasn't listed above (or the suggestions didn't solve the problem), there is still hope!

    As VB's help covers many issues well, I may have only described the common causes for an error (or not listed the error here at all), so see if the help is useful.

    For errors relating to code that works with databases, please see the equivalent of this page in our Database Development FAQ, which can be found here.

    For anything else, see if there us a separate article in the Classic VB FAQs that seems appropriate to what your line of code does - as it will show you the correct method.

    If you are using the VB editor that is included in Office applications (or are interacting with them from a VB program), see if anything in the Office Development FAQs helps.

    If all this still doesn't solve it, please post the details as a new thread in the most appropriate forum for your situation (eg: Office Development, Database Development, Classic VB, ...), including as much detail as you can (at least the error message and the line of code where it occurred!).
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