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Thread: export VB function to C

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    export VB function to C

    I have a time critical routine in my application which is taking most of the CPU and would like to export it to C for efficiency reasons. As I am not a C programmer I am looking for a good way to do it and would appreciate some ideas how to do it. The problem is that this function uses a pre defined variable type and i currently only pass the index of an array to this function. I dont know if and how this could be done in C. Thanks!

    'this is the variabel type
    Public Type PositionGroupType
    End Type

    ' pgdata is an array of the type positiongrouptype
    public pgdata as positiongrouptype

    'this is the function that passes only the index (pginx) as input
    Public Function OnTick(byval pginx as long)

    With pgdata(pginx)
    End With

    End Function

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    Re: export VB function to C

    You want to translate it into C style coding? if yes then

    struct PositionGroupType{
    //blah blah blah

    PositionGroupType pgdata[5];
    void main(void)

    // any more blah blah

    void OnTick(int index)
    pgdate[index].??? //do whatever you want
    //offcourse some more blah blah...

    And if this was not what you wanted.. i am sorry

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