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Thread: Webbrowser ocx without right scrollbar?

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    I am using the webbrowser OCX in my app to display a simple html page. However, the right scrollbar always appears, even it there is no need to (it is disabled then, but it is still visible).

    After playing around a bit with Spy++, I found out that the webbrowser ocx has the extended style WS_EX_RIGHTSCROLLBAR set. I guess that I can get rid of the scrollbar by revoking that style, am I correct? How can I remove this style?

    Felix Haas

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    Here is what I have done with mine,

    I have put a picture box with the background color of my form, on top of the WebBrowser object scrollbar so that it completely disappear.

    When I want it back, I just push a button.

    Cool for me !

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    supervisor, maxwseven's way is the best your going to do. Webbrowser has a bug where the hWnd property won't work. Don't know why. And in order for you to remove it, you really need the hWnd, unless you use a picturebox.

    See that bug yourself (Msgbox Webbrowser1.hWnd).

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    Lightbulb Try it!

    I think you can do so:

    Very glad to see you !
    I'm a very begginer!

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