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    Screen Shot (utility)

    Easy and quick Screen Shot. Current version

    Screen Shot has been created with Visual Basic.Net 2005. The application is user friendly and easy to use. It allows the user to take screen shot images and save them into the user predefined folder. I find it very useful with some music visualizations when I need to take screen shots.

    Feature list:
    1. Full screen image capture (all monitors).
    2. Object capture. The object can be window, control, windows shortcut menu etc.
    3. Rectangle-area image capture from the screen.
    4. Full web page image capture. New
    5. Clipboard image capture.
    6. Active window image capture (with hot key).
    7. User defined application hot keys.
    8. All these captured images are (automatically or manually) saved into the user defined folder or clipboard.
    9. All the capture methods mentioned above will capture transparent images from the screen.
    10. JPEG Image quality setting.
    11. Can save the image in many image formats.
    12. Can capture a screen image with the cursor included (optional).
    13. Easy menu access (optional).
    14. Plays sound when the image is captured (optional).
    15. Automatically notifies for application update (optional).
    16. Starts the Screen Shot automatically when the system starts (optional).
    17. Help file.

    System Requirements:
    1. Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
    2. Dot Net Framework 3.5 SP1

    License info:
    Everyone is permitted to copy and use the Screen Shot application freely for their personal needs. The only restriction is that the application as an entirety must not be an item for sell. If the Screen Shot should be used for commercial needs than permission is needed from the author of this application; from 'Arman Ghazanchyan'.

    By installing and using the application you agree that the author of this application is not responsible for any damages that the application may cause to you.

    Download the latest version here
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