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Thread: [PHP] Preg_relpace ampersand ( & ) with &

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    [PHP] Preg_relpace ampersand ( & ) with &

    With the help of the wonderful Penagate, I was able to solve a problem I had when dealing with improper ampersands on certain websites.

    The problem was that some sites doesn't escape their ampersands (&) with &. Here is a small line of code that will replace all & with & without messing up other html-encoded entities such as < etc.

    PHP Code:
    $body preg_replace('/&(?![#]?[a-z0-9]+;)/i'"&$1"$body); 
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    Re: [PHP] Preg_relpace ampersand ( & ) with &

    In case the one provided here is insufficient, here is a far more complex expression to perform the same task:

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