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Thread: How to run a VBscript from VB6

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    How to run a VBscript from VB6

    Hi Happy New Year I would be grateful if told how to run vb scripts via the VB6 platform. Thanks

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    Re: How to run a VBscript from VB6

    I've been needing to check up on this myself.
    Here are some examples I just pulled up from PSC
    Using MS Script Control in VB, VBScript and JScript!
    Script Engine: Allow end users to extend your app using VB
    Code Helper
    An easy way to read VBScripts
    Add vbscript to your vb applications
    Add Scripting to your apps!

    There are more, but this should be enough to get us started

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    Re: How to run a VBscript from VB6

    you can execute a vb script file (vbs) like this:

    VB Code:
    1. Shell "Wscript.exe C:\lol.vbs" 'Execute the vbs file

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