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Thread: VBA Word table with bookmarks

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    VBA Word table with bookmarks

    i have a vb6 application that want to write into a Word document. My document is a pre-saved template which has already a table (1 row 3 columns) created in it with a bookmark at the first cell...

    my question is how do i iterate through the cells of my table from my bookmark and create a new row each time i iterate through all 3 cells of the current row.

    i tried oDoc.bookmark("bookname").range.next but it only seems to work if i didnt insert any text in the cell before, other case, it doesnt iterate and write in the same cell

    help please..this is very frustrating

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    Re: VBA Word table with bookmarks


    found something to iterate ..works good but crash when it tries to create a new row


    obWordApp.Selection.Range.Cells(1).Range.Text = "cell1"
    obWordApp.Selection.Range.Cells(1).Range.Text = "cell2"


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    Re: VBA Word table with bookmarks

    What I would do would be to grab a reference to the table from the bookmark. Since the bookmark is in the cell, the tables collection of it's range object will only have one table in it (the one that contains it). From there, instead of working with selections, just reference the table directly. This will be much easier to manipulate. Step through the example code below with the debugger and watch what happens in the Word window. Should be pretty easy to adapt to your needs.
    VB Code:
    1. Private Sub WordTableIE()
    3.     Dim obWordApp As Word.Application, oDoc As Word.Document, oTable As Word.Table, lRow As Long, lCol As Long
    5.     Set obWordApp = New Word.Application
    6.     obWordApp.Visible = True
    8.     'Open the document.
    9.     Set oDoc = obWordApp.Documents.Open("D:\Template.doc")
    10.     'Reference the table.
    11.     Set oTable = oDoc.Bookmarks("bookname").Range.Tables(1)
    13.     With oTable
    14.         'Loop through all cells.
    15.         For lRow = 1 To .Rows.Count
    16.             For lCol = 1 To .Columns.Count
    17.                 'Write a value to the cell.
    18.                 .Cell(lRow, lCol).Range.Text = "Row" & lRow & ", Col" & lCol
    19.             Next lCol
    20.         Next lRow
    21.         'Add a row.
    22.         Call .Rows.Add
    23.         'Find out what row number it is.
    24.         lRow = .Rows.Count
    25.         'Write some values.
    26.         For lCol = 1 To .Columns.Count
    27.             .Cell(lRow, lCol).Range.Text = "New Row, Cell" & lCol
    28.         Next lCol
    29.         'Etc.
    30.     End With
    32.     Set oTable = Nothing
    34.     oDoc.Close (wdDoNotSaveChanges)
    35.     obWordApp.Quit
    37.     Set oDoc = Nothing
    38.     Set obWordApp = Nothing
    40. End Sub

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    Re: VBA Word table with bookmarks

    For more info on Word Tables - http://vbforums.com/showthread.php?t=402098

    By eliminating the selection object you are reducing the resources needed and increasing the stability of your macro. The Selection object is a visual physical selection which can be changed by a user making their own selection or messing up the macro by clicking and deselecting the selection causing it to become un-set.
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