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    A textbox with the functions MaxLines and MaxLengthPerLine


    This is my first user control so it isn't so perfect has it could be, but i think that is not bad at all.

    It has new two functions:
    • MaxLines
    • MaxLengthPerLine

    MaxLines: limits the max number of lines. (The function Multilined must be True)

    MaxLengthPerLine: its a kind of a MaxLength function but it works for a line, has the name says MaxLengthPerline, means max chars per line.

    The function MaxLength auto-changes dont change the value otherwise it wont work correctly!
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    Re: A textbox with the functions MaxLines and MaxLengthPerLine

    Perhaps a brief description of what the user control does would be in order. I know that you have comments in your attachment, but stating what your control does in a post would save someone who might not interested the of time to open and read the comments.
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