Hi once more, I am in a very irritating situation whereby I run code on my development machine I get no error, However when I try it on a test machine I get vb runtime error stating path not found. I have added the Microsoft scripting runtime reference and even included VB6 service pack 5 but dont get any change. The only difference I got on one of my test machines is that when I compiled it the the code ran pretty well, and on similar machines (ie same specs). The code in question shown below. Cheers
VB Code:
  1. Function OpenNotices(filename As String)
  2. Dim InfoLine As String, a As Integer
  3. [COLOR=Red]Open filename For Input As #1[/COLOR]' here the line
  4. Do Until EOF(1)
  5. DoEvents
  6. Line Input #1, InfoLine
  7. a = a + 1
  8. AddToList InfoLine, a
  9. Loop
  10. Close #1
  11. End Function