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Thread: [RESOLVED] Run-Time Error 381

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Run-Time Error 381

    Hello. I am using VBA for Excel 2003. I am trying to loop through a list of items in a listbox one by one to see if any of the entries in the listbox equal a certain value. I've got the loop part sorted out, and have placed each list entry into a variable to be tested one by one. Part of the code is shown below (code is shown in blue, comments in green):

    For lstIndex = 0 To List1.ListCount
    ' For lstIndex 0 to the number of entries in the listbox

    CheckEntry = List1.List(lstIndex)
    ' Move the list entry into the variable "CheckEntry" where the particular list entry is defined by lstIndex which increments of course by 1 every time the loop runs

    If CheckEntry = "Hello"

    lstFinalWordList.AddItem CheckWord
    ' Output the Value of "Checkword" to another list box if the condition is met

    End If

    Next lstIndex

    The problem is when the loop reaches the last entry in the listbox and tries to put it into the variable "CheckEntry", The following error occurs:

    Run-time error '381':
    Could not get the List Property. Invalid property array index.

    I dont understand how the loop works for all but the last item in the listbox. It dosent matter whether or not i use the ListCount property to indicate the end of the list or if i use a standard number, the same error occurs. The Line of code the program dosent like for the last listbox entry is of course:

    CheckEntry = List1.List(lstIndex)

    I would appreciate any help offered to solve this problem. Thankyou.

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    Re: Run-Time Error 381

    Suppose you have 3 items.

    The list starts at 0. Therefore the index of item 1 is 0. Therefore the index of item 2 is 1. The index of item 3 is 2.

    Hence you don't want to loop to list1.listcount, because the listcount is 3, but there is no item three. The last item is number 2.


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    Re: Run-Time Error 381

    Yeh good call zaza, thanks a lot, i forgot about that. That explains why it didnt work even when i used a standard number instead of using the listcount property. Cheers.

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