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Thread: Mid function in c#.net or equivalent

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    Mid function in c#.net or equivalent

    is there any function in C#.net that work the same as Mid function in VB? or is there any function that work the same as MID? thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: Mid function in c#.net or equivalent

    Yes, its called the .Substring method of your string variable or .Text property of some control.

    VB Code:
    1. Dim strIP As String
    2. Dim strStart As Integer
    3. Dim strEnd As Integer
    4. Dim strString As String = "FRQ [ 859.3125]"
    5. strStart = strString.IndexOf("[") + 1
    6. strEnd = strString.LastIndexOf("]") - 1
    7. strIP = strString.Substring(strStart, strEnd - strStart)
    8. MessageBox.Show(strIP.Trim) '859.3125
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    Re: Mid function in c#.net or equivalent

    As RobDob pointed out, the Mid function equivalent is easy in .NET, but if you were thinking of the Mid statement (e.g., Mid(x, 2, 3) = "abc"), that is *extremely complex* to generalize to a pure .NET solution.

    For example:
    Mid(x, 2) = "abc"

    is equivalent to:
    x = x.PadRight(x.Length + ("abc").Length).Remove(1, ("abc").Length).Insert(1, "abc").Substring(0, x.Length);

    You see my point - you would obviously want to write your own Mid statement.
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    Re: Mid function in c#.net or equivalent

    There is none, but it is quite simple to write one using Substring

    public static class strMid
    public static string Mid(string s, int a, int b)
    string temp = s.Substring(a - 1, b);
    return temp;


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