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    Download Files From Web With Progressbar

    Here is a sample project I did up that uses a class I wrote (WebFileDownloader)

    The WebFileDownloader class provides methods for downloading a file from a URL and firing events to update progress in the GUI on a progress bar or whatever you may like.

    The standard WebClient class in the .NET framework has a method for downloading a file, but there is no indication of its progress as it downloads, which is why I wrote this up.

    Known limitations:
    progress is returned as a long, and a progress bar takes an integer, so in the sample I convert the long to integer, which could error in BIG downloaded files.. a better solution would be to use the filesize being downloaded and calculate a good maximum to set the progress bar to. However this is GUI related, and not related to the WebFileDownloader class itself. (Just wanted to point it out)

    Also make sure the URL is a full URL (ie http://www.mysite.com/file.zip and not www.mysite.com/file.zip)

    Please post any corrections you may find. I use this code all the time, but that doesn't mean there isn't a bug or 2 lurking somewhere
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