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    From a VB Form: Invoke a Report (with DataEnvironment) & USING SQL

    I am trying to use DataEnvironment1, Connection1 and Command1 with visual basic 6 and produce reports executing SQL commands that use data coming (during run-time) from the user.

    A simple example is:
    I added a new DataEnvironment1, set the Connection1 and Command1 (using the Properties window) - mean I chose the database (Access) and also, I added a new Report in which I have a text that is bound with the database and also works with the SQL statement of Command1: Select * from ATable where CID = '1'

    But in my project, I want '1' to be dynamic, meaning I want the user to write in a textbox (Text1) in a form (Form1) and press a command button (Command1) and this invokes the Report (with : Report.Show )..

    Therefore, I want in my SQL statement to join the SQL command with the FORM...
    How can I do that???

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    Re: From a VB Form: Invoke a Report (with DataEnvironment) & USING SQL

    Change the sql statement of command1 to use parameters (ie use Select * From ATable Where CID = prmCID). Set the appropriate properties for the Parameter. The DataEnvironment.Command1 method will now contain a argument for the parameter.

    VB code to set the parameter and execute the report

    VB Code:
    1. Private Sub cmdShowReport_Click()
    2.     If DataEnvironment1.rsCommand1.State = adStateOpen Then
    3.         DataEnvironment1.rsCommand1.Close
    4.     End If
    5.     DataEnvironment1.Command1 Text1.Text
    6.     DataReport1.Show
    7. End Sub

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