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    Question 20dB Microphone boost in Windows XP

    Ok, this one might be a little strange. . . bear with me.

    My friend and I and both having problems where the 20 dB microphone boost in the Recording control window in XP is being turned off, seemingly at random, while we're playing Battlefield 2.

    This is a problem, as it occurs in-game while we're communicating with our clan-mates over TeamSpeak. We have to switch out of the game, pull up the window, re-check the box, then go back into the game. Bad things happen in-game if you're not paying attention

    Looked into it, can't figure out why it's doing this. I looked for a little program that might allow you to toggle this on/off (automatically or with a keypress), but not suprisingly I can't find one. . .so I want to write one.

    Is it possible in VB 6 to set the 20db boost for microphone, and/or to read the current state of this mic boost?

    I'm a VB newbie, but I have programmed before (various BASICs, COBOL, RPG 2 & 3). I imagine it involves some sort of API or library function. . .

    Sorry, yeah, I'm fairly clueless, but I'll not turn this into some "teach me VB" debacle. There's a lot of resources on the web and in bookstores for that. A point in the right direction would help me get started on my reading/research, though.

    Many thanks,

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    Re: 20dB Microphone boost in Windows XP

    Check this out: http://www.mentalis.org/vbexamples/v...ategory=SOURCE

    You can set a time that will change the scroll value for the mic every so and so sec or minutes
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    Re: 20dB Microphone boost in Windows XP

    First, thanks a lot for the link. Much appreciated. I'll take a closer look at it tomorrow.

    This program allows you to set the Playback volume. It doesn't address the 20 dB boost in the Recording control window, but maybe I'll learn something from looking at the source code that will lead me in the right direction.

    Thanks again.


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