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Thread: Handling Event for Runtime created control - ASP.NET

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    Handling Event for Runtime created control - ASP.NET

    I'm using VS. NET 2005.

    How to handle events in ASP.NET web pages, of controls created in run time.

    VB Code:
    1. '.
    2.         '.
    3.         Dim ln As Integer = uItems.Count - 1
    4.         Dim n As Integer
    5.         Dim btn(ln + 1) As ImageButton
    8.         For n = 0 To ln
    9.             btn(n) = New ImageButton
    10.             btn(n).ImageUrl = "DELETE.BMP"
    11.             ButtonPanel.Controls.Add(btn(n))
    12.         Next n
    13.         '.
    14.         '.
    In this case, how to handle click events by runtime addeded ImageButton controls ---> btn(n).

    I want to do something when user clicks on <new> ImageButton(s). How to create one procedure that will handle all ImageButton clicks and that will know which button was clicked!

    Please help and sorry about my english!

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    Re: Handling Event for Runtime created control - ASP.NET

    You have the right idea, but you will want to wire the click event with an AddHandler statement....

    This should answer all your questions and get you on your way:
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