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Thread: SideForm / SideMenu / SideBar Example

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    SideForm / SideMenu / SideBar Example

    Here is a small quick example of how you can incorporate a side bar / side form / side menu to your application. All this does is show a borderless form at the location of the label when you hover your mouse over it. Sample project as well as a picture of it "in action" is at the end.

    There really isn't much to the code... in Form1 there is one label on the right side of the form, and the code in it:
    VB Code:
    1. 'class level, in form1
    2. Private Form2 As New Form2 'the menu form
    4. 'displays form on mouse enter
    5. Private Sub Label1_MouseEnter(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Label1.MouseEnter
    6.         Form2.Show()
    7.         'gets location of label in screen coordinates, so we can set the position appropriately...
    8.         Form2.Location = Me.PointToScreen(New Point(Me.Label1.Location.X + Label1.Width, Me.Label1.Location.Y))
    9.        'I found that putting the .Location before the .Show method sometimes
    10.        'resulted in a weird starting location for the side form
    11. End Sub
    Form2 is just a borderless form, with a button created on it, with a simple Me.Hide() command in order to hide the form when clicked.
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    Re: SideForm / SideMenu / SideBar Example

    In accordance with this CodeBank policy, the SideForm attachment has been edited and the .Exe exectuables have been removed.
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