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    [PHP] Check Password Strength

    Checks the strength of a password and return an integer value depening on it's strength

    PHP Code:
    function CheckPasswordStrength($password)
    $strength 0;
    $patterns = array('#[a-z]#','#[A-Z]#','#[0-9]#','/[¬!"£$%^&*()`{}\[\]:@~;\'#<>?,.\/\\-=_+\|]/');
    $patterns as $pattern)
    // 1 - weak
        // 2 - not weak
        // 3 - acceptable
        // 4 - strong

    CheckPasswordStrength('password'); //1
    CheckPasswordStrength('Password'); //2
    CheckPasswordStrength('P4ssword'); //3
    CheckPasswordStrength('P4ssw()rd'); //4 

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    Re: [PHP] Check Password Strength

    Nice, nice... might use a variation on this, thanks for the idea!

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    Re: [PHP] Check Password Strength

    Thanks for this! i am going to use this function in a Authentication class i am going to use.

    Will give credit

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