Before posting a new thread or replying to a thread in this forum, please keep in mind that the rules of the AUP still apply. However, to clarify let us outline what the World Events Forum is not:
  • It is not a place post, make references to or otherwise preach extreme or offensive political views.
  • It is not a place to preach your religious views, ridicule the beliefs of others or pass judgements on the beliefs of others.
  • It is not a place to flame, argue and personally attack other members.

In general, if you think that what you are about to post will start or fuel an argument or offend another member, do not post it and if you see any posts which do, please point them out to a moderator by way of the Report Bad Post icon.

On past occasions the World Events Forum has almost been closed down, further violation of these guidelines may see this become a reality. Personally I would like to see it stay, so please play nice. I also need to point out that members have been banned for AUP violations while posting in the World Events and Chit Chat Forums so please consider the above three points before you post.