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Thread: VB6 Png-Alpha-Rendering with GDI+ (alternatively per WIA)

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    VB6 Png-Alpha-Rendering with GDI+ (alternatively per WIA)

    So, yeah - this Demo is not dependent on vbRichClient for a change , but on a System-lib instead,
    which comes pre-installed on newer systems.

    The Demo-Code contains two Classes:
    cPngCache (showing how to read Pngs per GDI+ (alternatively per WIA), copying premultiplied Alpha-Channel-content - and converting (caching) it into a 32bpp-VB-StdPicture)
    cButton (makes use of the Class above, then dealing appropriately with Multi-State PNG-content ... ButtonNormal, ButtonPressed, Hovered, etc.)

    Well, not much more to say, the Demo is small and the classes do not contain much code ... here's a screenshot:

    Edit: Changed the Demo to use GDI+ as a default now, since the WIA-libs are not on each and every XP-system (though GDI+ usually is).
    The older WIA-class is still contained in the *.vbp though.

    And here the Download-Link: http://vbRichClient.com/Downloads/PngAlphaRendering.zip (~200KB, containing a few Image-Resources)

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