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    Lightbulb PHP Security Issues


    Here is an article I found,that may be usefult to many of us.

    PHP Security Threats

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    Re: PHP Security Issues

    That's a nice article. Good find

    A few other points too. Since that article was written the register globals setting in the php.ini file has been disabled by default. You would have to be a complete nutter to turn it on or to write your scripts assuming that it is turned on. There are also a few other things which you should take into consideration when writing script, especially if they are intended for use in a public domain:
    • As well as running PHP in safe mode, ensure that the interpreter itself or the web server process running the PHP interpreter is not a root or Admin user who has full access to the system.
    • Turn off the display of errors by setting the display_errors directive to off and redirect any errors to a log file. This is explained here.

    I have added a link to this thread to the PHP FAQ - Thanks
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