I'm looking to make an App that I can use to launch the app MS Remote Desktop Connection.

Specifically, I'd like it to open a connection to the specified server that I want and automatically start the connection.

Does anyone know how I would do this?

I know that if I look at the "save as" file it creates (RDP file) I can get the info. I need to make the connection. So I think this is really a three parter.

Would this be the easiest way to go:

1) Have the program open the RDC App.
2) Create a temp file, with the information I need to create (basically, create a temp RDP file)
3) Open the RDC file
4) After connection is made, delete the temp file.

I bet I could do all of this from runtime, or since windows will automatically open RDP files with the RDC app, I could probably skip step one. So basically, how do I get windows to open an RDP file during runtime?