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Thread: VB6 Error "Object Library not registered"

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    Question VB6 Error "Object Library not registered"

    My Project - Weighing Balance interface Software developed in VB5 and working successfully in Win98 without problem. I need to make it workable under Win XP and VB6. When I opened the project, VB6 shows "Object Library not registered" error.

    By analysing, I could find Microsoft Calendar 8.0 control and Microsoft MaskEdit Control is creating problem. I tried by unregistering and reregistering the controls and even reinstalling the VB6. To find out whether my project is corrupted, I opened a new standard exe and tried to enable the control (Microsoft Calendar 8 and Maskedit control) in the Components List. Still it shows the same error "Object Library not registered"

    How can I Solve the problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    - Nishal

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    Re: VB6 Error "Object Library not registered"

    hi Nishal,

    if you find these under the 'components' tab then it means that they have successfully registered, so you don't need to re-register these.


    1. find out any dependency that these may have: it may be that a library (generally .tlb files) is missing to make these components work.

    2. can you run any other project on VB? if yes, then refer to point 1 here above, if no, then there's definitely a problem in your VB 6 installation.


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    Re: VB6 Error "Object Library not registered"

    Use P&D Wizard on the Win9x machine. Run that setup.exe on the WinXP machine. Be sure to include all supported files, except the VB6 runtimes.
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