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Thread: multiple instances of a single user class

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    multiple instances of a single user class

    Hi Friends,

    can u plz throw some light on the following error

    The V.Basic Developmetn Enviornment can't provide multiple instances of a single use class ..

    This happens when i try to run my application
    like i have a menu which has a menu item : create package
    open package

    now both of this share the same userinterface

    the user interface form is defined in the open package project and i assume that create package calls that form .

    so i was trying to debug the code and i tried to open a package and debug it
    and then again i simple tried runnin the projct and triedf to create a package by clicking that create package ............. but throws me the erro

    now if i restart my comp then it will work fine if i start with creating a package

    thansk in advance

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    Re: multiple instances of a single user class

    You'd have to post your code, or attach your project (in zip format, or rar). Everything down from the error, I can't understand.


    Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio.NET 2005, MASM

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