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Thread: VB application for p2p program "Ares"

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    VB application for p2p program "Ares"

    Hey guys I'm sorta new to VB. I know a little bit and the basics but I could use your help for a couple things. I want to build an RA [Remote administrator] for a program called ARES. The RA is for my chat room. There are many RAs that I can use but I'd like to build my own. I just need to know how to do these things.

    • The coding to connect to ARES with my IP and Port
    • The coding to kick, ban, and muzzle a user that is in my room.
    • The coding to rangeban a user's IP.
    • The coding to get a user's IP that is present in my room so that they may be rangebanned.

    The rest I can do myself, I just need those four lines of codes. I'd really appreciate it if someone can help me and possibly even e-mail me the coding at


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    Re: VB application for p2p program "Ares"

    Welcome to the forums.

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    Re: VB application for p2p program "Ares"

    Well thank you, and thanks for moving the thread, I wasn't sure where to post it and I was at school so I didn't have much time to look. And I don't mind if spambots get my E-mail, that account is one I only use for certain things. But thank you anyways.

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    Re: VB application for p2p program "Ares"

    for which version of ares?

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