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Thread: Activating a script on webserver from VB...

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    Activating a script on webserver from VB...

    In my VB app I want to be able to activate a script but make sure the script gets a chance to run, i.e. not terminate the request before its finished.
    So it would be like Shell()'in, the Browser to open a certain page e.g. "www.mysite.com/script.php" but I don't want the user to see this as the page isn't going to contain any data. Its simply a script that will perform some maintenance actions, it is already a crontab but I will need to run it on demand too from the VB app.

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    Re: Activating a script on webserver from VB...

    if you "browse" to that page..
    is the script complete when the page actually completes? or will the page complete first then the script is still running??

    if it completes with the page.. then you could add a webbrowser control.. make it not visible..

    navigate to the page...
    and in the Document_Complete event.. trigger the code to continue.
    just a thought
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