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Thread: regexp help for a tag

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    regexp help for a tag

    I'm having trouble formulating a regular expression in a search (in Word VBA) to look for either an opening tag or a closing tag. I can get it to work for one or other but not both.

    I want it to be able to find the following tags in a document:

    <field: 1>
    <field: 2>
    <field: 143>
    <field: n>
    </field: 1>
    </field: 2>
    </field: 143>
    </field: n>

    It's the 'zero or one occurence of /' that's got me stuck.

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    Re: regexp help for a tag

    + preceeding one or more times
    * preceeding zero or more times
    ? preceeding one or zero times
    try this
    it will match anything between <...> and </...> and <../>
    including <!-- -->

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