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Thread: Index to FAQ's: Classic VB (VB6 and earlier)

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    Post Index to FAQ's: Classic VB (VB6 and earlier)

    Classic Visual Basic (VB 6 and earlier) FAQs

    The following is a list of frequently asked questions for VB6 and VB5, etc.

    If you click on one of the questions below, you will be taken to a page that contains at least one possible solution to the problem, and an explanation that you can hopefully understand. If you think something within the FAQ section needs a better explanation, please let me or the thread poster know via our PM (private messaging) system.

    Please note: "Classic VB" is the name commonly used for Visual Basic 6/Visual Basic 5/etc, which is what these FAQs are designed for. If you are looking for help with the 2002 or later (including "Express") versions of VB, please see the relevant forum here.

    Coding standards/Good Practice
    Language syntax
    Data types/Variables (including working with Strings, Dates, and Arrays)
    Controls (TextBoxes/ListBoxes/etc)
    Closing your forms/program
    Dealing with Errors
    Multimedia (music/pictures/etc)
    Working with Other Programs (includes DOS commands)
    Optimising (making your program faster/more efficient)
    API (=Application Programming Interface, basically functions built in to Windows)

    Other FAQ pages that include Classic VB:
    Database Development FAQ
    Office Development FAQ (Excel/Word/Outlook/...)
    Games and Graphics FAQ
    Networking FAQ (Winsock etc)
    Application Deployment FAQ (installation packages, etc)

    Recent Additions
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    Coding standards/Good Practice

    Language Syntax

    Data types/Variables


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