i m using:
mCapHwnd = capCreateCaptureWindow("WebcamCapture", 0, 0, 0, 640, 480, Form1.hwnd, 0)
temp = SendMessage(mCapHwnd, CONNECT, 0, 0)
temp = SendMessage(mCapHwnd, GET_SEQUENCE, 0, 0)
temp = SendMessage(mCapHwnd, RECORD, 20, "C:\myvideo1.avi")
these API's to capture video from a webcam and the program records the video. The only problem i am facing is that when the application starts recording video it does not stop until the Esc ket is hit. I tried using a timer to call SendMessage(mCapHwnd, STOPP, 0, 0) API but the application does not run the timer until the recording has finished using Esc key.
Can some one pls help me in what i m doing wrong. is there an API that can send a message to windows to record until (e.g. 60 sec) of video or is there a way i can use timer to stop the recording.