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    ContextMenu default item [resolved]

    I have a system try icon with a ContextMenu like this:
    VB Code:
    1. mContextMenu.MenuItems.Add(New MenuItem("Stop", New EventHandler(AddressOf StopService)))
    2. mContextMenu.MenuItems.Add(New MenuItem("Pause", New EventHandler(AddressOf PauseService)))
    3. mContextMenu.MenuItems.Add(New MenuItem("Continue", New EventHandler(AddressOf ContinueService)))
    4. mContextMenu.MenuItems.Add(New MenuItem("Start", New EventHandler(AddressOf StartService)))
    5. mContextMenu.MenuItems.Add("-")
    6. mContextMenu.MenuItems.Add(New MenuItem("About", New EventHandler(AddressOf AboutBox)))
    7. mContextMenu.MenuItems.Add(New MenuItem("Exit", New EventHandler(AddressOf ExitController)))
    8. mNotifyIcon.ContextMenu = mContextMenu
    Is there a way to have a default item in the context menu and show it bold? Basically, when the user right clicks on the icon, the menu comes up. I want the first item bold which when clicked does the same thing as double clicking the icon. You know, the standard way most system tray icons perform.
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