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    Difference Between Datagrid,msflexgrid and mshflexgrid


    Pls can any one let me know thwe difference between Datagrid,msflexgrid and mshflexgrid ,and when to use which one.


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    Re: Difference Between Datagrid,msflexgrid and mshflexgrid


    I guess you are using VB6 ?

    Flexgrid came out before VB6, but is still included with VB6
    MSHFlexgrid came out with VB6
    DataGrid came out with VB6

    DAO vs ADO
    VB5 expected you to use of DAO (although you could use ADO)
    VB5's controls were designed to bind to DAO 'things'
    VB6 expected you to use of ADO (die hards could still use DAO)
    VB6's controls were designed to bind to ADO 'things'
    VB6 offered Data Envirronment ETC <== DON'T USE THESE

    Data Binding (not that I recommend binding)
    Flexgrid can bind to VB5's DAO Data Control
    MSHFlexgrid and DataGrid can bind to ADO recordsets or to the ADO Data Control.

    Show me the Children
    MSHFlexgrid, allows you to display a hierarchial recordset.
    IE one with Parent and (many) child records per parent.
    I believe they are called SHAPED amongst other names.
    MSHFlexgrid then allows user to expand or contract any one of the parent records, to show the children records.
    I believe that is the sole reason that the MSHFlexgrid was invented.
    Plus of course they made it ADO connecting, instead of DAO.
    You could use the Data Environment to build a shaped recordset.
    OOPs, I told you not to use that.
    You can cheat and use it to build your rs, and then discard it like 'a used c.......'
    I have never used hierarchial recordsets. If there are other ways to create them, then use them, instead of getting sucked in to using the Data Environment ETC.

    From (my) memory, user could type directly into DataGrid cells.
    Both the Flexgrids do not allow editing.
    However, there are lots of threads on this site offering 'work arounds'

    Hope that answers the question.

    PS Some of us have switched to the SGrid-2 from vbaccelerator.
    It is free, and powerful, and also allows editing.
    I get 10% of the purchase price.
    Rob C

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