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Thread: Database Development FAQs & Tutorials [updated May 13 2011]

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    Post Database Development FAQs & Tutorials [updated May 13 2011]

    Database Development FAQ

    The following is a list of frequently asked questions for working with databases, including how to use databases from VB, and creating/designing/managing databases.

    Sections in this Page

    For all languages/databases:
    Database Design
    SQL (not SQL Server, but the query language for all database systems!)

    Programming language specific:
    Database system specific:

    Note that if you have a question which isn't answered here, it may be in another of our FAQ threads, such as the Classic VB FAQs, or the Office Development FAQs

    If you can think of a "frequent" question (and preferably an answer to it as well) that you think should be added to these FAQs, please see this thread.
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    Database design


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