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    Old Posts That Help

    This is probably a dumb question, but how do I let someone know that their post helped me? I was looking for some guidance about importing Excel into a Datagridview. I found a post by Tatarpro that was exactly what I needed. So I added to their reputation. Can you see when someone adds to your rep? I didn't know if it's best to do that or reply to the old thread. I don't want to resurrect a bunch of old threads, but I also wanted that person helped me.

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    Re: Old Posts That Help

    Yes, people CAN see when a rep is added, though whether or not they WILL see it depends on the person. All that generally shows up is a count in the Notifications area in the upper right of the screen. If it's a person who doesn't generally look at that area for any number of reasons, they might not notice that the number has gone up by one. They can also see it if they go to their Settings, in which case the message you added (if any), and who added the rep will show up.

    In general, it's considered bad form to resurrect an old thread. For one thing, it's usually not the best thing to do anyways. After all, the point of a question on a forum like this is to get the best answer available. You are more likely to get that best answer if you have more eyes on the question. Starting a new thread with a question is more likely to get more eyes than reviving an old thread. Therefore, you are best served by starting a new thread with a question unless that question was completely answered by an existing thread, in which case, you can rep the person who answered, or not, but reviving the thread with a post if fairly pointless.
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    Re: Old Posts That Help

    Not a dumb question at all. Yes when you get repped it will appear in your settings page. Yes its best to rep a post vs replying to say thanks only. If you have a question on content in an old thread you can always create your own thread and link to the old thread as reference.

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    Oops looks like I had removed it some time ago. The FAQ will also help
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