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Thread: Weirdness (Involves databases)

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    Weirdness (Involves databases)

    I'm writing software that has to get information from a database that's on a server. I'm using winsock and downloading a page from the server (sending the SQL statement as a querystring). The program part works fine.

    When I use the SQL string:
    "SELECT Name FROM Students" it works fine, returning:
    Chandler Prall<BR>Amy Guesswork<BR>Cinderella<BR>Eric Ayon<BR>
    The problem occurs when I add another field to the statement:
    "SELECT Name,Phone FROM Students"
    Will return (in the HTML code):
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Server: Microsoft-Chandler Prall<BR>3036323357<BR>Amy Guesswork<BR>3032222222<BR>Cinderella<BR>303555
    If I add another field to the statement it works fine, in fact, it is when I select only two (any two) fields that it gives me the extra crap.

    As long as my server's up, you can try it out:

    Fields to use:
    Name, Phone, Email, LessonStartTime, LessonEndTime

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