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Thread: Bound controls vs. Unbound Controls

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    Bound controls vs. Unbound Controls

    Im doing this VB.NET tutorial that uses bound controls for a database application and find it quite easy to use and it seems to have quite a few features....I remember when programming in VB6 I was always told to stick to RecordSet manipulaton with unbound controls and to stay away from bound controls because they were supposedly fr the non-serious project\programmer and that bound controls offered more power and control as compared to unbound

    a)When shd I use bound controls vs. Unbound Controls ?
    b) What extra powers does rs manipulation with unbound controls provide ??
    c) How is database programming done in the real world (professional applications) this context ?

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    Here's an article that should help explain the issues for you:

    I'm not sure if things have changed in .Net tho.

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