I have an old vb6.0 application that generates a crystal report in version 8.5. on a win 2000 PC.

I now have a new PC that run XP. I installed visual studio 6.0 and crystal 8.5 but the Crystl32.OCX that got installed on the new PC from Visual Studio was much older than the one on my old PC.
(I don't know how) however, I downloaded a new version of the OCX file from the web bit could not register it. In VB I cannot add the control to a page. I tried to re-install the Crystal form the Visual studio disk and not I get this error
"Ordinal 1010 could not be located in the dynamic link library CRPE32.dll" Any ideas how to resolve this problem?

The crystl32.ocx on my old pc allows me to access parameters.
The one on my new pc did not have that access to parameters that is why I tried to get a new version of the ocx.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.
I have already spent 3 days on this